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New enviromental tax for all cabos guest

Friday, September 9, 2022


San Josa del Cabo, baja California sur.

The Government of Mexico, has established a new tax based on articles 123 and 125, fractions I, VII and XVIII from the Organic Law of the Municipality's Government of Baja California Sur State article 10 part b) from the Municipalities of Baja California State Public Administration, article 11 fraction II, par c9 and d) from the State and Municipality's Taxation Code for Baja California Sur and article 3 wih all fractions contained in subsection IV inregards to taxing and taxation for Los Cabos Municipality in Baja California Sur; State Municipality 137° BIS, 137° TER, 137° QUÁTER and 137° QUINQUIES from the Taxation Law of the State of Baja California Sur.

"The or those customers staying in rooms, suites or any kind of lodging at a hotel, inn, resort, guest houses, hostels, motels, lodging digital platforms and or similar options of lodging, will have to pay an environmental tax. This tax must and should be retained by those companies, entities or individuals providing such services and accommodations in this matter."

This tax, per room, per night, for the entire stay and it is collected upon arrival of the guest and check-in to the facility. A printed receipt will be handed out to the guest indicating this tax has been covered in its entirety.

For Decameron Hotels & Resorts, it is of great importance that you are informed about this new measure that strengthens and improves the infrastructure of the region for every visitor to have the opportunity to enjoy this world class destination.

To have you here, is to have it all.

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