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New beach look for our Decameron.Com website

This week we have launched the new version of our brand’s website, now more tanned, nimble and slender with a fresher and versatile look, but above all, with more technology so we can offer you a better experience during the search, quote and payment process of your#AllInclusive reservation.

In an effort to evolve with new online purchasing trends, this new website is fully responsive, which means that you may visualize all of our content from any electronic device, whether a personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

You may also kiss long waits goodbye. These same contents have substantially improved their loading and visualization times so you may quickly search for your hotel and plan of interest.

In hotel searches you may now see a greater number of large format photographs. This will allow you to enjoy a better view of the landscape, the facilities and the architectonical design of our vacation properties. You may also find an interactive map to find the precise geographical location at your country of destination.

As far as the quoting process, you will now have other modalities that allow you to customize your plan according to your needs; whether by combining your stay at different hotels (Combined plan) or choosing tickets with bus transportation (Hotel + Ground). These options are added to traditional quotes used to settle your #AllInclusive vacations with air tickets (Hotel + Air) or just Hotel.

Likewise, the payment page now displays more practical, clear and complementary information. It allows using up to two credit cards to divide the total payment of your plan. It also has the virtue of anticipating validation of your credit card, identifying if the franchise you are using is MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Diners.

The same payment page also includes the option of boxes or fields to enter the information, if you wish, of people included in your Decameron adventure, other than the holder of the purchase.

Remember that since the website is responsive, you may pay from your smartphone or anywhere you are, so you no longer have to wait until you are in front of a personal computer.

The new Decameron.com is still available in the 4 languages of our frequent travelers (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese). A new, more intuitive website, with optimized contents and less steps to acquire a vacation to your favorite destinations.

Try the new experience of reserving and purchasing your #AllInclusive plan online!

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