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We reactivate the 5x1 beach club in San Andrés

We reactivate the 5x1 beach club in San Andrés

Starting October 1, 2022 we reactivate the 5x1 inter-hotel service, our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy not only the hotel where they are staying, but also the facilities, bars, shows and restaurants of our other hotels on the island. In addition, they have the Rocky Cay Beach Club.


  • Guests will be identified by the color of the bracelet of each of the hotels.
  • Each one of the reservations made in any consumption center or night show, will be in charge of the Guest Service of each hotel, must be made one day in advance. Guests will have access to the service upon presentation of their printed reservation.
  • Under lunch reservation, guests will have access to common areas, pool, snack and bars; with permanence until 5 pm.
  • The inter-hotel service applies to five Decameron hotels on the island: Aquarium, Delfines, San Luis, Maryland and Marazul. Guests of these hotels cannot enter Decameron Isleño, but guests of Decameron Isleño can take the inter-hotel service at the other 5 hotels.
  • There is no inter-hotel breakfast service.
  • No inter-hotel shuttle service is included.
  • Inter-hotel reservations do not apply for groups.
  • The inter-hotel service will operate exclusively under previous reservation.
  • Reservations at The Islander Restaurant only apply for guests of Decameron Isleño, Decameron Maryland and Decameron Los Delfines.


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