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Quality, comfort, excellent service and a great All Inclusive

We are passionate about quality and good service; we understand the importance of paying attention to every detail, so we make every effort to provide the best market alternative in hotels and tourism, designing an "all inclusive" experience where you will enjoy carefree dedication to rest, relaxation and entertainment, thrilling your heart and mind and giving you the best memories of your life.

Decameron Hotels

We are a hotel chain with international presence devoted to amusing, entertaining, de-stressing and brightening the lives of everyone who enjoys our services.

Decameron Explorer

Fill your travel experience with unforgettable eco-tourism, excursions, cultural tours, water sports, diving, hiking and other complementary activities that will enrich your stay at our hotels. Be a part of Decameron Explorer and be sure of not missing the opportunity to experience the unique moments offered by each of our locations.

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Decameron Explorer
Multivacaciones Decameron

Multivacaciones Decameron

We invite you to live the vacation of your dreams by saving, planning, and enjoying. Access to the most incredible intercultural experiences around the world, whether at one of our chain hotels or at over 3.200 resorts in more than 80 countries, that are part of our agreement with Interval International. Join Multivacaciones Decameron and be part of the select group of "world citizens".

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