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The authenticity of the Peruvian Andes is now #AllInclusive

Rooms shaped like small adobe and clay houses, surrounded by cobblestone streets with typical street lights, a church with a central plaza and large green areas with a hilly structure, are all part of the traditional scenario where you may now enjoy the #AllInclusive experience in Peru.

It is the ‘El Pueblo Resort Convention Center’, a picturesque rural property located in the province of Santa Clara, only 30 minutes from Lima’s financial area, amidst the capital’s metropolitan area in the Ate district, conceived architecturally to introduce you to a vacation inspired by the centennial tradition of the Andean peoples of the Inca nation.

You will enjoy 228 colorful rooms, with an adobe theme, clay roof tiles and wooden balconies, family pools with a slide, specialized restaurants, bars, sports courts, a discotheque, a small theater with evening shoes and more of our unparalleled #AllInclusive plan.

Also, if you are searching for the ideal location for your convention or event, this pueblo resort has 8 conference rooms with a capacity of more than 700 people, far from the roar and chaos of the city.

A total of 16 hectares of millenary landscape of the Peruvian mountain ranges that you may visit by horse and where you will also find a replica of the “Plaza de Armas”, as well as a provincial Mayor’s Hall that serves as a museum so you can learn all about the history of this fascinating nation.

¡A piece of the Andes near Lima that you cannot miss!

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