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We are worldwide pioneers in receiving the international certification “Hospitality Excellence Program”

We are worldwide pioneers in receiving the international certification “Hospitality Excellence Program”

Friday, December 1st, 2017

We feel proud to be the first hotel chain in America to receive this type of certification, with a qualification of 99.8% compliance. This recognition is granted by SGS, a world leader company in the provision of inspection and certification services.

We are happy to receive the certification “Hospitality Excellence Program”, which confirms the commitment we feel to ensure the best quality in food and safe areas for the guests during their stay in our hotels and our employees during their workday.

The "Hospitality Excellence Program" is based on the strictest standards of the tourism sector. This certificate is granted to our hotel chain when audits are approved that evaluated the management of our program “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point” HACCP that groups aspects of structural and food safety, management of water cycle, as well as emergency response procedures.

“The priority for Decameron Hotels & Resorts is the complete satisfaction and safety of its guests, for this reason, we had decided voluntarily to go beyond the legal requirements and to bet on the strictest international standards; being certified by SGS with its Hospitality Excellence Program.” Said Lorena Coler, Director of the HACCP Program for Decameron Hotels & Resorts.

The importance of what our team has achieved should be noted, since it is the only hotel group worldwide, that has voluntarily opted for the certification under international standards, awarded with high scores that are above the average of the ones obtained in equivalent hotels in the Asian continent.

Faced with this recognition Lorena Coler comments “the certification of the HACCP program is completely and absolutely a differentiating point, we are the first chain to obtain a certification to its HACCP Program. Many hotels have ISO 9000 or 22000 but none HACCP as extensive and complete like ours and this was ratified by SGS. Behind it, there is the magnificent work of all the collaborators and the leadership of the HACCP coordinators in each of the hotels that monitor that the standards are within a daily compliance”.

These worldwide unique recognitions and certifications, are synonymous with our arduous work and permanent commitment to provide the hospitality, safety and excellence in service that all our customers deserve.

Certified hotels: Decameron Isleño. Decameron Marazul. Decameron Aquarium. Decameron San Luis. Decameron Delfines. Decameron Cartagena and Decameron Baru in Colombia. Royal Decameron Mompiche and Royal Decameron Punta Centinela in Ecuador. Royal Decameron Complex, Royal Decameron Los Cabos and Decameron Los Cocos in Mexico. Royal Decameron Salinitas in Salvador. Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach. Royal Decameron Montego Beach. Royal Decameron Club Caribbean in Jamaica. Royal Decameron Punta Sal in Peru and Royal Decameron Indigo in Haiti.

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