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Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file containing numbers and letters which are stored in the user’s browser once they access certain websites. The cookies may be “session” cookies which will be deleted once the session with the website is ended, or “persistent” meaning they will remain on the computer during a set period of time predetermined by the party responsible for the cookie. In the same manner, the cookies may be proprietary when they are requested by the domain which the user accesses to request the service, or of third-parties, which will be sent to the user’s computer from a different domain than the one accessed.

Which type of cookies do we use?

This website stores proprietary as well as third-party cookies with the purpose of adapting our content to your interests and facilitating your browsing.

  • Proprietary cookies

    Have the objective of controlling traffic and proper communication of data, maintaining settings, identifying browsing sessions (for servers to recognize, regardless of switching from one page to another, that it is the same user browsing session), access areas with restricted access, using security elements during browsing. Without these, the website would not work properly.

  • Personalization cookies

    Are those which allow the user access to the services with some predefined general information characteristics for identifying a series of criteria from the user’s terminal being these, for example, the language, the type of you used to access the services, the regional settings from where you are accessing the services, etc.

  • Analysis of cookies

    The statistical cookies help the owners of websites understand how visitors interact with the websites by gathering and sending information in an anonymous manner.

    This website uses Google Analytics, an analytical website service offered by Google. For the rendering of this service, they use cookies which collect information, including the user’s IP address, which will be sent, processed, and stored by Google under fixed terms in the website Google.com. This includes the possible sending of said information to third-parties for legally demanding reasons or when said third-parties process the information for Google.

  • Marketing cookies

    Marketing cookies are used to carry-out a follow-up with the visitors of our websites. The reason for this is to show relevant ads and participation with the individual user and, in this way, be more valuable for third-party publishers and advertisers.

  • Third-party cookies

    Third party cookies gather information with statistical purposes, for seeing use of the website by the user, and for the rendering of other services related with the websites activity and other internet services.

How can I revoke consent for the use of cookies? How can I deactivate cookies?

The user may revoke consent for the use of cookies at any time through its deactivation or deletion, through the privacy/security options of the browsers.

For more information, we recommend you look at the help offered by your browser: