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Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach is located in Montego Bay, St James in Jamaica. The hotel is on a unique white sand beach with crystal clear waters, just five (5) minutes away from the Sir Donald Sangster Airport and features ocean-view rooms, adults and children pool, bars, restaurant and marina. The use of the service and facilities at the adjacent sister property, Royal Decameron Montego Beach All Inclusive Resort, is also complimentary.

The valuable resources enjoyed at the resort comes with significant responsibilities and for that reason the hotel, Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach, has developed this sustainability policy to guide our activities. Our business strategy is guided by five (5) elements: our business, our customers, our people, our environment and our community. These elements shape all aspects of the resort’s performance and our corporate policies and practices are linked to delivering excellence in one or many of them.

Specifically, Decameron Cornwall Beach is committed to act as follows:

  • Being ethically responsible, to create value in what we do, and to use sound risk and hazard management principles in conducting our business. As part of our “non-negotiables” Decameron Cornwall Beach will comply with all requisite legislation including pollution prevention and will strive to develop and improve our integrated business management systems to support international human rights laws and policies. We will ensure that appropriate resources (both internally and externally) are utilized to assist in achieving our goals.
  • Through tactical and professional recruiting exercises as well as specified training programmes, we will aim to attract and retain diverse and talented employees. Decameron Cornwall Beach work environment is designed to create development opportunities and providing workplace consultation so all employees are continually learning while creating an “Always Safe and Knowledgeable” workplace with an aspiration of no workplace injury or illness for our employees, visitors and contractors.
  • Continually designing and implementing sustainable solutions to develop access to resources and to protect and replenish them. Additionally, Decameron Cornwall Beach is committed to providing environmental leadership in its operations as a resort hotel, which includes the management of its own environmental impacts i.e. improving waste, managing water, energy usage and carbon outcomes as well as protecting and conserving biodiversity and natural capital.
  • Working closely with local communities to achieve shared and lasting outcomes. Decameron Cornwall Beach will engage with government, policy makers, advocacy groups, industry associations and other stakeholders in the areas which we operate to create better value and outcomes in sustainable practices. All managers, employees, contractors and visitors are responsible for being aware of the importance to comply with this policy.

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